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Here you may find graphic, audio and video resources to design your blog, website
or to fulfil any other design need. Please select the content you need
from the menu on the left.

The idea of this site is to create a large list of design resources, both free and not, and to classify them according to different criteria. We are searching the Web for design content and adding the links to our database.
- If you are looking for free content, use the menu options marked "Free". They contain designer resources with content you may download immediately or after having registered for free.

- To determine, how we are classifying the design resources, please visit the Classification section. There You will find the used terms and our site structure.

- If you would like to sort our database by different features, go to the "Full list" sections. You will find a table with clickable parameters to sort by.

- If you do not find a design resource you know in our lists, or if you own a web site which is offering some kind of content for designers, please Submit it to our database. It will appear on the site after moderation.

A few words about the information we are gathering here:

Stock photographs

Stock photo images is the most developed and numerous kind of design content for the moment. They are used for design in almost all industries - from printing nice calendars to ads and packing industries. Online stock photography is an easy way to get the images you need for commercial purposes without hiring a photographer or shooting them by your own which can come really expensive in some cases.

The main distinguishing part of stock imagery from other pictures you may find on the Web is licensing. Photos offered as "Stock" are mainly oriented for commercial use and have written terms of using them. Altough, many free websites positioning themselves as "Stock" do not offer any terms of use or offer the content on conditions which make it less useable - as for example, many resources require mandatory attribution - marking the author name or website url on the end product.

In general, you may find a great variety of stock photo subjects. The subjects list may greatly vary by resource type. You will find enough construction photos on any medium-to-big resource, but you will probably find few stock photos with people on free resources as they require signed model releases to be properly licensed.

Stock photo resources greatly vary by license type. The most common licensing is "royalty-free" as it offers flexible options for both photographer and photography buyer. In most cases that means cheap stock photo or free stock content.

The resources mentioned often offer two types of partnership - depending on either you want to buy or sell stock photography. As a photographer you will receive a comission depending on photograph type, size, quality and license. Here on designbeginshere.com you may see if a website is accepting contributors.

Stock vectors

Vector illustrations are usually meant as images made by using vector software - like Adobe Illustrator. They can be typically found in .eps or .ai format and include logos, icons, hand drawn art as well as specially vectorized photos. Stock vectors may be found both for free ant not, but usually come in smaller quantities, than photos. If you are searching for free illustrator vectors, you will probably find them in quantities of hundreds for a mid-sized free website.

Stock clipart

By clipart people usually mean images either in raster or vector format, that represent a composition made for a special purpose. Clipart graphics usually illustrate a kind of concept - you will meet much of www clipart, computer clipart, etc.

In general, stock clipart is mainly found at stock photo websites, but some resources are specialized on cliparts only. That type of content is a well covered subject, so you will surely find a lot of free clipart available for download.

Stock footage

Video footage is more of a niche product in the design content industry. Online footage varies by a large number of parameters - format, frame-rate, sound, compression algorythm, resolution and other. So when searching for it you must clearly understand what you are looking for. Footage is harder and more expensive to produce so it is relatively hard to find a good footage library - especially the one offering something for free. Editorial footage is in good demand - mainly concerning latest world news.

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