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Begin your photo business here, with design images

There is a great variety of ways to make a living in in your life. Some of them seem pleasant, some not. A business related to photography is known as a combination of both - you may use your hobby skills and knowledge to earn money.

Photography is a well-developed type of business. Images are being used for many different purposes - web design, object design - mugs, t-shirts, industrial objects, etc. A good photo is useful to illustrate a magazine, advertisment poster or any other print material. And every good business begins with considerable demand for its goods.

There is a good set of photo business types: marketing your work as an individual artist, working exclusively for a media company as well as selling photos via stock photo agencies. The last one is a good business to begin with as you may start right here! For the moment, there exist two types of stock photo companies - the "old" or "classical" companies - where photos are being purchased for 100-200$ each for a royalty-free license, and a relatively new photo-selling method - microstock photo companies. They offer images for prices beginning with 1-2$ each.

Here on our website you will find information to begin with - lists of agencies of various types sorted by their main distinctive featues.

Photo subjects

To determine the most successful subjects in commercial photography, we have to do a brief analysis of economy basics - supply and demand. Each type of image has its own parameters on how many times is it needed and how many times it is being produced. The most wanted subjects are:

Objects - various kinds of individual items, packs, stationery, gadgets.

People - men, women, children - in different combitanions and various situations.

Business shots - Shining skyscrapers, business teams, offices, any concepts related to business and money making.

Concepts - Any metaphors and concepts related to any theme - ecology, success, all kinds of human features.

The value of these photos grows up if they are isolated on clean white background. You may also leave an empty space somewhere on the picture to let the customer insert its phrase, brand name or image fragment there. To stay legal, all images, containing visible human faces must have a model release with them.

There is also a number of subjects, which are fairly easy to produce, so all sources come a bit overwhelmed with them. They sell well enough, but the competition is high. It will not be a good option to begin your photo business with pictures of flowers or sunsets. Some of the agencies clearly restrict to upload these images.

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