Even after making a website for mobile phones, there are many who forget to make it mobile- friendly. Making your website mobile-friendly is essential since it is one way to ensure the visitors have an experience that is positive.

Mobile – Friendly Website

Visitors are also more likely to view your website through their phones since the number of smartphone users has been on the rise. In this article, we look at critical tips that will help you make your website as mobile – friendly as possible.

1. Responsive interface

In order to make your website more responsive, it is a great idea to implement a responsive technology framework that will help lay each element in a grid. By doing so, you will be able to space each element properly and also view the website in devices that have different screen sizes look equally spaced. A great example of a framework which enables you to do this is bootstrap since its implementation is straightforward. You also do not have to make use of separate URLs or different SEO methods when using this method.

Mobile – Friendly Website

2. Design simplicity

Simplicity and cleanliness should be your immediate concerns when designing a website. Keep in mind that the visitor will only offer a few seconds before arriving at a conclusion on whether the page is worth their time. Hence, these few seconds should be used as effectively as possible to convey your message. When adding graphics and videos, you need to keep them on the low since too many of these can hamper the page’s ability to load faster and in essence, destroy the message your company is trying to convey.

3. Short content

Lengthy content can often deter users from reading them, but designers also keep them in since they do not realize how detrimental lengthy content can prove to the overall design of the website. By capturing the essence of the content that is created, you need to make it as short as possible. Smartphone screens are extremely small, and visitors like to scroll as they read.

4. Navigational fluidity

Smartphones require the usage of the thumb more than any other finger, and this should be your primary concern when designing a website. Minimize the usage of pinching as this would require the usage of a second hand. If your content requires pinching, it means that it isn’t big enough or perfectly optimized for the device.