While creating the design for your website, it is essential to consider the user experience as a whole so as not to let the people be confused. A confused customer more than likely wouldn’t revisit your website since the user experience left them frustrated.

In this article, we look at critical tips given by professionals that can help you design your website better especially if you are a beginner.

1. Color scheme

A cohesive color scheme is key to making the website pleasing to the eye. Hence, you need to consistent as well when choosing the colors. All the essential call-to-action buttons must be of the same color so that users can identify the button’s purpose in each page. You can also add complementary colors if the website logo has primary colors.

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2. White Spaces

It is crucial to let white spaces be white spaces in some areas of the website since this can allow the users know where their attention needs to be focused on. Many make the mistake of adding too many things to their web pages and hence, make the page look extremely unkempt and busy. By adding white spaces, you’ll make it look a lot less cluttered and also help make everything look cleaner.

3. Font choices

While choosing fonts for your website, restrict yourself to a maximum of 3 fonts since having a lot of fonts can make the page look incredibly messy. Having said that, it is okay to use different fonts for the body and the header. But if you’re forced to work with only one font since brand guidelines say so, it is still perfectly alright. You also need to be aware of the font size. A good 15 px will do the trick.

4. Grid System

To make your web page design as clean as possible, it is vital to make use of a grid system where every element including text, section, and buttons are arranged in a proper fashion. Although this technique is used by designers that have a bit more experience, it is still a good practice to get used to, and it can also make the mobile version look optimized. Speaking of mobile pages

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5. Mobile version of the web page

Since most visitors are more likely to visit the website through their mobile phones than their computer browsers, making a mobile version that is well optimized and design is also extremely important. The above-said grid system will help greatly.