It doesn’t matter if your business is small or big. A requisite for any business is a website that looks professional. But creating a site from scratch can be an intimidating task for many, especially for ones that have never made one before.

A lot of care and emphasis should be given to making a website since clients look towards sites in order to see whether they can trust the company or not. If the site isn’t up to the mark, potential customers can shy away.
Here are some tips for business owners to help create a website

Small Business Owners

1. Finding your site on Google

Accessibility is vital when it comes to making a website, and in order to maximize this factor, you need to put in as much effort as you can in the URL, sitemap, and keywords. Doing so will help search engines such as Google to index your business with relative ease. This is why SEO is an essential component in making a website. Check out traffic masters handy beginners guide to SEO.

2. Mobile optimization

Recently, Google announced its plans of making a mobile-first index. This means that components in your site will rearrange itself whenever it is viewed through a mobile device. Having said that, you must not rely solely on this, and this doesn’t necessarily mean that the site is mobile friendly. Your website must be accessible and viewable through all devices without hampering the under experience.

Small Business Owners

3. Contact

A critical factor that most small businesses overlook is the contact details. Phone number, email or address should be displayed on the website as prominently as the website’s design allows or maybe in every page. You may also create a page where the contact details, including everything mentioned above, are shown. Create a map of the location with the directions as well.

4. Clutter

Avoid clutter as much as possible since your website must be able to captivate visitors through its simplicity. The design should also complement your identity of being a small business as this can help give the visitor the impression of professionalism. Making sure your website isn’t cluttered will help the users have a viewing experience that is pleasant.

Small Business Owners

5. Professionalism

In order to increase how professional the web page looks, you need to implement the brand ideals to the design of the site. The color of the brand logo should also reflect the color schemes of the website itself. To maximize consistency, make sure to use no more than three fonts.